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Melfi violins, viola and celli

A hand-crafted Melfi violin is made to be played and enjoyed and, most importantly, to produce exceptional sound. An even, balanced tone across all strings and in any position, right through the scales to a singing top note that remains clear and crisp. Its responsiveness and technical precision can take playing to a higher level and teachers recommend a Melfi violin to students who will progress further playing a higher quality instrument.

From start to finish, every individual instrument is made by hand. Creating the best tone and appearance in each one requires craftsmanship, the best materials, time and knowledge. From the flexibility and stiffness of the timbers; painstakingly harmonising woods using tap-tones at key points for the best sound; delicately shaving and refining the arching and thickness of the back and table; to every high quality element - sound posts, pegs, fingerboard, bridge and tailpiece - fitted and finished with absolute precision to hold tuning and achieve a purity of tone.

Concert Grade

Versatile, dependable and technically precise your Melfi instrument will relish the rigours of a professional environment, maturing and continuing to improve with playing and age. As a gift or investment it will perform at its best over many years, whether through school, university and a busy professional career of recording and concert performances, or for your own enjoyment.

Nigel S Melfi
Violin Maker

Telephone : 01522 778984